Alexandr Sergeyev's Comments for Recruiters

Dear recruiters and HR professionals!

Yes, I am interested to hear from your company. But please do not send me standard letters and requests with "I have multiple openings matching your profile" template. I read hundreds of them and found this activity useless.

I'd like to see technical challenges or sets of known technical problems that I could help to solve for someone to be interested in a position that you might want to offer to me. This is most productive if you just send letter to member of your technical staff and mention that I'd be open and responsive if they would reach to me with those.

As a sign of my appreciation for respecting my time I would be thrilled to do something good in exchange. I can participate in your brainstorming, point few key areas of design problems or help diagnose a root cause of some problem. And I'll not ask money for that.

This will save everyone's time, start building trust, and evaluate my actual skills. It also would cut on exchange of HR formalities and silly hiring interviews where you ask me about weather in New Hampshire or reasons why I immigrated from Russia.

We can learn about each other as we collaborate on something important.

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updated 5/2015