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On The Journey For The Perfect Network Health Dashboard
Tom Daly and I are reviewing our sprint of building dashboard that can show tens (or hundreds) of time-series charts with thousands of datapoints in them at one HTML page and keep updating them every second.

DANE: The Server Authentication That Fixes CA Flaws
My quick overview of promising technology that could be some day fixing X.509 mess.

How Working At Dyn Helps Me Grow As An Engineer
Summary of amazing culture of "Engineering excellence" that Dyn was able to support for very long time.

Browsers Vs. Servers: Using JavaScript For Number Crunching Theories
Quick proof and a methodology of validating that certain backend app workload could be reasonably handled using resources of web-browsing computer.

Почему верстать таблицами глупо
Article about modern web-standards use "Why Tables For Layout Is Stupid," that I translated to russian. You also can read original article in English written by Bill Merikallio from Scott Design, Inc.

My daughter is into skating...
I'm helping her club, Synchro Stars Synchronized Skating Teams to maintain their data-driven web app.


Websocketd is a HTTP server application that converts vanilla standard input/output scripts into websocket endpoints.

It's a D3.js library that adds an ability to create annotated smoke/flame charts and was created to build dashboards.

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My distributed systems engineer resume is getting facelifts every month or so.

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I send tweets as @alexsergeyev. I put some effort into Linkedin, Quora, and GitHub profiles.

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